CenturyLink DSL comes with hidden fees. DSL Modem rental fees. The best way to save $10 a month on your DSL bill is to buy your own DSL Modem. This will not only improve your home internet service, it will save you money on your Century Link DSL internet every month forever. But it is unfortunate they do not keep their approved DSL modem list updated. Here are the top certified modems for CenturyLink DSL.

Quick DSL Modem List:

  1. Zyxel C1100Z Gateway (VDSL Only) Amazon Price
  2. Actiontec Modem Router (ADSL Only) Amazon Price

Call your DSL provider to determine if you need an ADSL or VDSL modem.

You’re first going to notice these are almost always sold out so you just have to buy it now and wait for them to be in stock. They replenish pretty fast.

Why are they always sold out? Because these are literally your only two options and many people stuck with DSL want to buy their own modem router combo to save that $10 a month off their bill.

You will also notice these combo routers are terrible for wireless download speeds compared to a cable modem. DSL truly is a dying technology and these companies do not wish to invest in building newer devices for you. One reason, there is no point. The speeds of DSL can’t even support what today’s wireless routers support. But signal strength and range is still important.

So your only option is to buy one of those terrible Wireless N DSL modem router combos to connect to the internet and then buy your own stronger wireless router to have a larger faster coverage area. It will be restricted to the speeds of your CenturyLink DSL, but it will have a better range.

If it is available, you really should consider switching to a cable internet provider for better hardware and speeds.

Yes, it’s true. DSL is old, slow, outdated, should not still exist. But it does, and you have it so these are the very limited options you are stuck with.

Since you’re stuck with these two Wireless N300 Mbps options, if you have a larger living situation you are forced to these DSL modems, put them in “bridge mode” so that the built-in wireless router is disabled and you can then attach your own professional router of choice. This is the best option for any living situation that requires more than the AC1600. Such as a 2 story or 3 story home.

The thing with CenturyLink, is that they charge you $9.99 a month, every month, forever if you rent their old equipment. And they often provide you the older slower technology such as a Wireless N router. So when you buy your own replacement DSL modem router combo, you not only save money in the long run, you get a better wireless signal for your home. That’s because, with the newer Wireless AC routers, you get a better, stronger, faster signal to cover your entire home. No more random disconnects.

We’re going with the modem and separate router modem because the wireless router cast a stronger signal covering your entire home. We’re looking for reliability, strength, speed and future savings by replacing your DSL modem.

After that, just return your old modem. CenturyLink will even send you a box with postage to send your old rented equipment back to their warehouse so you can start saving $10 a month.

Now, onto the new toys!

1. Zyxel C1100Z 802.11n VDSL2 Wireless Modem CenturyLink

modem for centurylink dsl

Best Centurylink DSL Modem

This is the modem you need if you have CenturyLink VDSL. Do not get this replacement if you have ADSL. As explained, you will want your own router to replace the built-in Wireless N300.

Here’s another old janky modem for the list. Why do I not like this combo modem router? You guessed it, it is only Wireless N 300mb and even worse, the USB port shown on it does not function so you can not attach a hard drive or set up a network attached storage. The USB port is for technician service only. My guess is in the early days a lot of these got bricked, sent back and refurbished. That’s how they used to do these things and why they all have useless USB ports.

Why would we even list this modem then? Well, it is the officially supported CenturyLink modem for VDSL and even has a built-in GUI interface that was designed for CenturyLink DSL. It is officially supported by them and has the ability for them to remote in and manage it if you have a technical problem. It is even said to be a plug and play set up.

Bottom line, you have to buy this if you’re looking to buy a replacement modem for Centurylink. The only good news is, you can get one of these cheaper used ones and it won’t be any different.

Buy Zyxel C1100Z 802.11n CenturyLink VDSL2 Wireless Modem on Amazon


  • You can disable wireless and use your own router
  • Can buy used to save money


  • Cost a lot for Wireless N 300
  • Have to buy used to save money
  • Not compatible with Bonded ADSL
  • Internal antennas
  • Has a USB port that does not function

This modem works for CenturtyLink VDSL and is on their ancient approved devices list. Source.

2. CenturyLink ActionTec GT784WN ADSL Modem / Router

dsl modem combo

A Modern DSL Modem

This is the modem you need if you have CenturyLink ADSL. Do not get this replacement if you have VDSL.

Since this is your only option for ADSL via CenturyLink, I have to cover it. First of all, I would never buy a modem with such a weak router built-in but as we already know, we have no option. So you should definitely pick up a nice router to go along with your new ADSL modem.

Buy CenturyLink ActionTec GT784WN on Amazon


  • I can not think of one except that if you have ADSL it’s the only one that works
  • Here’s one, you can disable the built in Wireless N and use your own router


  • Cost a lot for Wireless N 300
  • Not compatible with Bonded VDSL
  • Internal antennas
  • Has a USB port that does not function
  • You’re stuck with it

This modem works for CenturtyLink ADSL and is on their ancient approved devices list. As the others, it will not work with Bonded VDSL. Source.

3. The Ultimate DSL Modem and Router Combo

Here’s the real deal, except it does not exist. There is no option for you Centurylink users. To clarify, you must get the ADSL or VDSL modem based on what Centurylink you have, then disable the built-in combo router and buy your own compatible router.

The good news is your new router will be compatible no matter what internet service you have later in life. So it will be good long after you leave Centurylink. Or after they upgrade their network, if they ever do.


  • You can buy any router you wish
  • Also able to buy cheap budget router
  • Can use router with any type of internet subscription, not just DSL
  • Newer Wireless AC technology, better option


  • Better routers cost more

Like I said, your own router will be compatible with any internet service provider you ever switch to. It plugs right into the modem they provide you, or that you buy. The router works on its own and simply provides the wireless signal to your house. Which is why it is so important to have a good strong router.

Best Centurylink DSL Modem Router Combo ADSL/VDSL

As you now know, the best does not exist. But we have provided you with your only options and a solution to the bad wireless speeds.