Who We Are

StickyStatic is a well-established review networking and computer review guide site founded in 2009 by a career-long tech support agent with a love for helping people solve their issues.

Purpose of this Website

When the site began in 2009, the founder was a career-long tech support agent for major ISP’s such as Comcast, AT&T, and even DirecTV. With a long history in internet tech support, networking and troubleshooting, he decided to start a website to answer some of the most common questions that came in over the phone from end-users to these major internet providers.

Not only to help the customers of these ISP’s but also to help co-workers with troubleshooting and research of products.

After a long career in Tier II Internet Tech Support Agent position, he went on to work networking in the IT Department of a college in San Francisco, CA where he not only helped staff and faculty, but also students of the university.

We currently help users with networking solutions and building computers as well as other end-user electronic buying decisions.

Our Research Process

We recommend products we use and test or have set up for others home networks and even some office networks. With an extensive background in networking, testing these products is more than just work for us, but an exciting fun adventure with each new product we acquire to test for you.