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Sticky Static is here to help you choose the right networking equipment for your home, business, small office, or warehouse.

We’re not jut a review website, we’re experts in networking with a passion for helping others.

As the founder, I have worked for several major ISPs including AT&T, Comcast, DirecTV, and more. I have worked hands on with hundreds of different modems and routers while providing extensive technical support for end users over the course of my networking career.

With this expertise I bring you the information needed to build your home or small business network to fit your needs.

Why Sticky Static Was Founded

Hi, my name is Gerry D and I am the founder of Sticky Static.

Started this site while working as a Team Leader for a major ISP in the Tier II Internet Technical Support Department.

For over 20 years my field of work has been Technical Support, IT Help Desk, Network Engineer, web developer, modem and router enthusiast, troubleshooter, and blogger. With this skill set I began acquiring in 2001, I am able to provide you with the information you need to build your home or small office network.

When I started the site in 2009, I was a career-long tech support agent working for one of the worlds largest ISPs. I have a long extensive history in internet tech support, networking, and troubleshooting. I started this site to answer some of the most common questions that came in over the phone from end-users and subscribers during my active career in tech work.

I not only started Sticky Static to help the customers, of these companies, but also to help co-workers with troubleshooting and research of new products.

The first article I wrote was to help my co-workers troubleshoot internet connections. It was about ipconfig commands. This was the launch of Sticky Static as an internal tool for fellow Tech Support Agents which then became a public facing site as well to help users searching for accurate information.

A perfect example of how helpful Sticky Static has been to others is our article on comcast modems. We have helped tens of thousands of users choose the right modem to work with their Comcast Xfinity internet.

My job went from inside the call center to taking home work and starting a new adventure and a unique way to help others searching for accurate information. I wrote about the experience working inside a tech support call center if you’re curious.

I not only supported ISP subscribers, I also have worked large scale operations at a government facility supporting thousands of employees and at a college in San Francisco where I supported staff, faculty, and students of the university.

I specialize in networking, modems, routers, computers, new tech, gadgets, and more. This is why I love to help users with networking solutions, building computers, and other end-user electronic buying decisions.

Our Research Process

Many sites make recommendations based on online research. Here at Sticky Static, we do real hands-on testing and apply our 20+ years of networking knowledge to determine what modems and routers are actually best for our readers. We also have connections and insiders working at these cable ISPs we have worked for in the past. These current internal employees keep us up to date on all new releases and insider issues that only actual employees would know about. The that fact no other website in our field has the same inside knowledge that we have because we have worked for these companies and they have not.

We recommend products we use and test or have set up for other home networks and even some small office networks we currently support on a paid consultant contract basis. With an extensive background in networking, testing these products is more than just work for us, but is an exciting, fun adventure with each new product we acquire to test for you. We test speeds, compatibility, ease of us, setup, firmware updates, and more. While we do participate in programs such as Amazon Affiliates and eBay Partner Network, this will never affect our decision-making process and we will provide you with accurate results to best help you, the end user.

Sticky Static, at your service since 2009. Thanks for being part of our dream job.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.


Gerry D
Founder of Sticky Static

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