xfinity voice modem
If you have Comcast Triple Play or Xfinity Voice, then you must buy an approved compatible voice modem with a phone jack such as the ARRIS SVG2482AC, Motorola MT7711 or Netgear C7100v Nighthawk. We’ll also cover the Netgear CM1150V and CM500v if you have your own router but we’ll expand on the subject more below.

If you have Xfinity Triple Play, there is no way around buying a compatible voice modem. Sure it may cost more upfront, but it will still save you money in the long run because you will no longer be paying the $10 a month rental fees. It will also provide you with the newer technology and more advanced higher-performing wifi cable modem with a phone jack and a built-in wireless router.

The good thing is, the highly-rated Netgear C7100v is a combo modem router, meaning you do not have to purchase a separate wireless router, you get both in one device. A high speed 24 downstream channel DOCSIS 3.0 EMTA voice modem, and a powerful wireless gateway for Comcast Xfinity Triple Play Internet. It is far superior to the ARRIS SVG2482AC, but we have a much cheaper option below.

First, the cheat sheet. A full chart containing all of the important factors for choosing a voice modem designed specifically to work with your Xfinity Triple Play package.

Compatible Xfinity Voice Modems List

Model #C7100VMT7711SVG2482ACCM500vCM1150v
Chip SetBroadcomBroadcomPuma 6BroadcomBroadcom
Modem & RouterYesYesYesNoNo
Phone JackYesYesYesYesYes
Download Channels2424241632
Upload Channels88848
Max Download500Mbps650Mbps500Mbps200Mbps1Gbps
Wireless ACAC1900AC1900AC1750No WiFiNo WiFi
USB Ports(2) USBNoneNoneNoneNone
Amazon PricePrice price checkPrice price checkPrice price checkPrice price checkPrice price check

Xfinity Voice Modem with Router Combo

silver voice modem for comcastVoice Modem and WiFi Router in One

Netgear C7100V: Top Combo Voice Choice. Amazon

Motorola MT7711: Clear 2nd Choice and much cheaper. Amazon

Arris SVG2482AC: Not an option, is on the Bad Modem List.

Triple Play Voice Modem With Phone Jack ONLY

netgear cm1150vYou will need your own router (Router Buying Guide)

Netgear CM500v: Cheap standalone voice modem. Amazo

Netgear CM1150V: Best possible voice modem. Amazon

The CM500v paired with a cheap router is a much better deal than the C7100v combo. We suggest this if you have speeds of 200Mbps or less.

DOCSIS 3.1 Gigabit Voice Modem

Note that the C7100v modem is not approved for speeds over 500Mbps. If you have Comcast Gigabit speeds and a Triple Play voice package, you are required to get a DOCSIS 3.1 modem with voice. This would be the Netgear CM1150V. The problem is that is a standalone modem only so you will still need to buy your own router.

What if I am not using the voice line? Do I still need a voice modem?
Yes, you do. I called Comcast myself and the bottom line is if you have Xfinity Triple Play– whether you use it or not– you need the voice modem with a phone jack. I have had readers also report that they tried and Comcast would not let them use a normal DOCSIS 3.0 modem.

Is this my only option?
If you have Comcast Voice Triple Play, then yes. You must use one of the two telephony compatible voice modems. Your options are very limited, but the Netgear C7100v is a solid DOCSIS 3.0 EMTA modem, meaning it is fast enough for Comcast packages all the way up to Extreme, Comcast Blast, and Performance. Get the best internet speeds Comcast has to offer, and they have a built-in Wireless AC router. Which one would we recommend? The Netgear C7100V no doubt. See the differences below in the comparison chart.

Motorola MT7711 Vs Netgear C7100v

Here’s where the going gets tricky. On one hand, you have the much cheaper and newer Motorola MT7711 and on the other hand, you have the older time tested Netgear C7100V. What one works best for you? Cheaper? Or one with added features?

While the Netgear C7100v is the clear winner as far as features go, the Motorola MT7711 is by far cheaper and will perform the same as the Netgear. The truth is, the Netgear really only has one solid thing going for it, USB ports. Now is that worth about an extra hundred bucks? To some, yes. For me, it is a requirement that my router has USB ports for a print server / external backup drive on my network.

But let’s be real, that is not going to be necessary for 90% of home users. So here we are, you and me, face to face with a final answer. You will want to get the Motorola MT7711 and save yourself some money. If you’re not a network nerd and you just want a cheap working device, you’ve found your modem.

Netgear C7100v Highlights

  • Broadcom Chip
  • USB Ports
  • Wireless AC1900
  • Better GUI
  • Much More Expensive
  • It’s Netgear
Motorola MT7711 Highlights

  • Broadcom Chip
  • No USB Ports
  • Wireless AC 1900
  • Much Cheaper
  • It’s Motorola

Arris SVG2482AC vs Netgear C7100V Review

It’s almost not worth bringing the ARRIS into the battle, but many of you want information on this unit because it is one of the top retail modems. But what none of them tell you is, it has a bad chip.

Because of this, in any given situation I would pick the Netgear C7100V over the Arris SVG2482AC. The C7100v has a Broadcom chip while the ARRIS SVG2482AC has the flawed Puma 6 chip and is on the list of bad modems. This is pretty big because even after they released a firmware update, users are still reporting latency spikes and internet slowdowns. Making the very popular ARRIS voice modem, not an option.

But even if the ARRIS SVG2482AC did not have a bad Puma 6 chip, it would lose this battle for many reasons. One, the Netgear C7100v is a faster combo modem/router, it has built-in USB ports for network storage, and the battle-tested Netgear GUI and firmware. Yes, the ARRIS SVG2482AC voice modem may have two physical USB ports on the back of the modem, but they are not for your use. They are for service technicians and will not host an external hard drive or printer. The firmware just isn’t supporting it. I consider this a huge flaw. They make no claims of the device even having USB ports in any of their marketing, yet they are there for service techs. This is the sole reason why I would get the Netgear C7100V. I love my network storage and back up. Rest easy, never lose a photo or document.

The USB ports are not the only enhancement with the Netgear C7100V. As you can see it has a slightly higher wireless throughput, which may be pretty unnoticeable if at all noticeable so do not let your decision ride on that. If you’ve ever owned a Netgear Nighthawk router before, you’ll be familiar with the Nighthawk built-in software, and I do prefer it over Arris’s GUI. That’s pretty much the consensus with most people in tech. So when it comes down to the higher cost you have to ask yourself, do you need USB ports, want a better GUI / firmware and care about a small speed increase that you can’t even notice unless you’re transferring large files over your local network? For me, the answer is yes.

Netgear C7100v Pros

  • Broadcom Chip
  • USB Ports
  • Faster Wireless
  • Better GUI
  • It’s Netgear

  • Puma 6 Chip
  • No USB Ports
  • Slower Wireless
  • It’s ARRIS

Netgear CM500V Vs CM1150V Gigabit Voice Modem

You would get either of these if you wanted to use your own router.
You may think these modems compare, but they are in two completely different categories when it comes to technology, standards, and performance. We’ll keep this very simple.

CM500V: Only good for speeds up to 200mbps.
CM1150V: Newest technology, DOCSIS 3.1 and the only way to get Gigablast speeds.

Netgear CM500v Pros

  • Broadcom Chip
  • DOCSIS 3.0
  • Max Speed 200Mbps
  • Can Use Own Router
Netgear CM1150V Pros

  • Broadcom Chip
  • DOCSIS 3.1
  • Max Speed 1Gbps
  • Can Use Own router

Best Xfinity Voice Modem Conclusion

The obvious conclusion if your heart is set on a combo modem router, get the Netgear C7100v Xfinity voice modem. It is undoubtedly the winner between it and the ARRIS SVG2482AC. No competition when it comes to EMTA modems. But if you want the cheaper modem without USB ports, the Motorola MT7711 was just released and just for you.

If you want to use a separate router as we prefer, then get the standalone Netgear CM500v voice modem and a wireless router of your choice. But nothing below AC1750.

This knowledge base is for Comcast Voice Subscribers. If you do not have Xfinity Voice, you can get a regular non-voice cable modem combo.

Any questions? Feel free to ask below and please share with your Comcast friends to help them save $10 a month.

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