If you’re putting all of your heart into a gaming computer, you’re likely going to want a cool computer case. But really, what case should you buy? Honestly? It is up to you. These high end gaming computer cases are all solid quality with excellent air flow. At this point you are just looking for the features you want. Such as hot swap SSD bay or lockable drive cages. Take a look at these excellent spacious futuristic looking swell gaming PC cases from the top 3 manufactures in the industry. Corsair, Cooler Master, and Thermaltake.

Gaming Computer Cases

blue led computer case fan

Corsair 500R: view
My case pictured with my kitty. Great spacious beginner option.

Corsair Military Green: view
I kind of wish I got this one though based on looks. I will likely build in this one next.

Best Gaming Case: view
The Gamer Castle. It even has a hot swap SSD slot in front and a handle to carry it!

Corsair Gaming Tower: view
Another sleek white tower with USB 3.0 and fan controllers.

Ultimate Gaming Case: view
This is the ultimate gaming case. Just take a look and you’ll know why.

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