Battery for Bluetooth Star Trek Communicator by The Wand Company

The Bluetooth Star Trek Communicator by the Wand Company may be a very cool toy, but its battery does not last forever.
Some would even say the batteries that shipped with the original item were not in top shape from the very beginning because many people are searching for replacements.
Some even stated it was defective.

However, this is not a problem because the battery is easily replaced and readily available on eBay. Or if you don’t like eBay, you can buy a battery for Wand Company Communicator online.
That is all you need to resolve the issue of the defective replica Start Trek Communicator.

The communicator battery is very easy to replace and there are many videos showing you how.

This battery on eBay is the exact OEM battery direct from the manufacturer used in the original device but it is a newer fresher batch with no problems reported so it will last you a long time.

Now you can use your Bluetooth communicator like new again with the fresh battery.

battery for communicator Replica Communicator Info:
Eunicell 382527
Original Bluetooth Communicator by The Wand Company
Video on how to replace the battery
arrow Official Replacement Battery on eBay

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