Maybe the time has come and your laptop charger is no longer working. When that happens people always ask me if I can use a different laptop charger/cellphone other than the one that came with my laptop? I generally would just tell them no, not a good idea even though I didn’t fully understand the formula behind it. But I decided to look further into it so that I could be more informed about laptop chargers, power adapters, batteries and incompatibilities.

It turns out that you can use a universal charger. Amazon Price
Well, one thing that has to be an exact match is the voltage of the power supply. If you use a power source with too much voltage you could overheat or fry the circuitry inside of your laptop rendering it useless. Too little voltage and you get no juice. Some say that you can use a power charger if it’s a little over or under but I would steer away from that.

The amperage or current can be too high and it will not damage your laptop. The laptop itself will only draw as much current as it wants so a high amp rating is OK. But if it’s too low, it can damage the power supply by overheating it with too high of a draw. So, amps is equal to or higher than.

Exact match the voltage and the amperage you can go higher on.

How do I find the voltage / amperage of my laptop / charger?

power charger specsAll chargers should have a sticker that looks like this. Your cell phone charger, laptop charger and even cellphone battery and laptop battery.
Sometimes the laptop power rating can be hard to find so you may have to even remove the battery to find the voltage and amp rating.

3rd Party Cell Phone Chargers:

genuine power adapterHow about iPhones and Samsung Android MicroUSB chargers? Well if you use a random 3rd party charger you may notice that your cell phone battery gets extra hot. This is because they are made cheaply, sometimes excluding important amp regulating parts and may not send the amount of power that they claim to. I would stick to the manufactures charger to get the most out of your phones battery life. Overheating it constantly will reduce the amount of time your battery can hold a charge.
Even using the iPhone and iPad charger interchangeably may not be the best idea.

So again, in conclusion, you are better off sticking with the genuine charger from your manufacture even if it does cost more. It will save you money in the long run and you won’t drain your battery.