This should work for most name brand routers but I am using the most common brand as an example. I personally have an ASUS beast mode router. However for these instructions, because Linksys is the most common ISP provided router, I am going to use them as an example. This idea works for any brand once you get in the router.

linksys wireless router settings setupLinksys secured wireless network router

If you don’t feel like reading and want to see pictures just click this link. Configure Wireless Security. If that makes no sense and you don’t know how to get to that screen, keep reading.

Setup For Wireless Security Settings

The first step is to log into your wireless router. Open up your internet browser and go to or and it should bring up your router login screen. If you’re not sure, look on the bottom of your router for the correct address and even password. If you never changed anything the username and password should both be “admin”. You should change this NOW because anyone can log in using the defaults if you have not changed it.

Click on the Wireless link, and then select Basic Wireless Settings.
In this window, make changes the following options to configure your wireless security:
Wireless Network mode: Mixed.
Wireless Network Name (SSID): (enter a name here) This is the name you see when searching for Wireless networks. You can keep it the same or change it to anything you want. I suggest changing it so people do not know what router you have. You can even use this chance to insult your neighbor.

Wireless Channel: By default it is on channel 6. I tend to set mine higher to 11. You can try different channels to see which one gives your computer the strongest signal strength. If you have a Droid Phone there is a Free Wi-Fi Analyzer App that can show you what wireless signals are in your vicinity and what signal strength they are at. You can easily pick a lesser broadcasted channel with the free app. I recommend it.
Wireless SSID Broadcast: Enabled.
Now click Save Settings
After you save the changes you will click on the Wireless Security link. Change the following options:
Security mode: WPA Personal.
WPA Algorithms: TKIP
WPA Shared Key: (enter a pass phrase) This is your network password, Make it whatever you want. Just do not forget it!
Again Save Settings.
That’s it. You’re done.

Router Troubleshooting

If you are unable to access your router, have poor reception throughout the house, need to upgrade or change your wireless channel, I’ve got info for you.
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Extend range of your wireless router.
Upgrade to a better router.

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