A list of the top computer games and download links! There are so many awesome computer games out right now as we move more and more into the future of game development. And now it is even easier to play these awesome games with our powerful yet cheap gaming computer builds. Every one of these builds will play all of these games. Except for the new Battlefield One. You will need to get the Intel Build to play that and possibly future games as they move towards multi-core processing.

The most anticipated game of the decade will be Fallout 76.

And no, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is not on the list. How this game is so popular, is beyond me.

So what are our top 10 best games of 2018?

battlefield one multiplayer
#1 Battlefield One Download Link
Video Trailer
I would say that Battlefield is my favorite all time online multiplayer First Person Shooter. The is the most action packed experience filled with the most unique scenarios and infinite outcomes. As they always say, “Only in Battlefield“.
This is a realistic military squad-based strategy game with massive online battles of up to 64 people. So it’s for anyone who likes fun games. Trust me, it is much better than the popular Call of Duty. Oh, and the solo single-player campaign missions are top-notch. It is like playing a movie.
gta v online
#2 Grand Theft Auto 5 Download Link
Video Trailer
Grand Theft Auto is one of the most successful game franchises in history with its record-breaking sales across all releases. GTA V spares no mercy with its breathtaking graphics, amazing free roam the city, intense storyline that has you feeling like you’re playing a movie, insane massive multiplayer online realms and more! I’ve never met anyone who does not love this game. It’s one of those games you can literally play while other people are hanging out because it’s so fun to watch. Girlfriends everywhere claim they like watching their boyfriend play GTA V. In this one you play not one, not two, but three very different characters storylines. The online multiplayer is the best too. You actually earn money and buy real estate in the city where you can store all of your decked out cars. You’ll understand when you play and you won’t be able to stop. Also, like all past Grand Theft Auto’s, it has the best soundtrack in-game radio stations you can imagine. It’s very well known for this.
dying light best zombie game
#3 Dying Light Download Link
Video Link
Dying Light is the best zombie game ever. It is literally the only game that has ever made me jump while playing, and it has done so many times. The trailer does not even begin to give you the feeling you get when fully submerged in this game with a friend. You can play online multiplayer up to 4 people in a session. You will be terrified.
star wars battlefront pc
#4 Star Wars Battlefront Video Link
First of all, anyone who loves Star Wars will love this game to no end. The video trailer is actual online multiplayer. Yes, it is that serious. 64 player massive movie set battles. Wait til you see the Endor map. Just a masterpiece. Easily the best looking map ever made in a video game.
game of the year fallout 4
#5 Fallout 4 Video Trailer
Fallout 4 is easily one of the best open-world environment free choice games there is and will surely win Game Of The Year. The post-apocalyptic wasteland world really sucks you into it and gives you the feeling of…. you’ll just have to play and see. The only reason this is not number 1 or 2 is that it does not have multiplayer. This is the hermit man’s game(it was very very popular with female gamers as well). Amazing story, a lot of content and unlimited choices. But you do it alone. Such a good game though. The world is maybe the biggest open world yet? And every inch of it is unique. Every building you explore is different. How did they do it? I do not know but you will never see it all, even after hundreds of hours playing.
skyrim remastered
#6 Skyrim Video Trailer
Skryim could be the best single-player open-world game of all time maybe? I think after watching the trailer you already know this and have already bought it before reading this last sentence. Oh, same makers as the above Fallout 4(newer). Yes, they kill it when it comes to single-player games. But really, buy this for anyone who has ever been into fantasy or dragons or whatever. They will love you forever. Or ignore you forever while playing this.
best tbs civilization 6
#7 Civilization VI Video Trailer
The greatest turn-based strategy war game of all time. I am playing this right now while making this list. I have played this more than anything ever. This is a game for the serious thinker, the strategist, the conqueror, the planner, and the builder. It is one of those games you can take turns playing on one computer together or play online or single player. The trailer shows clips from the first Civilization through Civilization VI so you may see some janky graphics at first but then it goes into a nice play of the newest Civ VI.
sim city like game
#8 Cities Skylines Download Link Video Trailer
Speaking of builder games, Cities Skylines, the greatest new city builder simulation. Plan your cities, build them out, combat problems like crime, traffic, population growth, economic blight, etc. Design a city of beauty, exactly how you want.
titan fall 2
#9 Titanfall 2 Video Trailer
TitanFall, one of the first games to come with XBOX One and still one of my favorite games for XBOX One and now on PC. Not your typical First Person Shooter where you run around picking up guns and shooting. But you are a guy, in a large city, working towards power ups and gaining access to your massive Titan. Battles of mixed classes and variable scenarios.
rocket league
#10 Rocket League Download Link Video Trailer
This simple game is so action packed and addicting that you better not buy it. But the break down, action packed rocket car battle soccer? Online multiplayer that is never dull and will always keep you on the edge of your seat.
new call of duty
#pity mention Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Video Trailer
Well, here it is, COD IW. I am only listing it because so many people do love it, but I assure you Battlefield One is the much better choice. I actually just watched the trailer for this again and it even made me want to buy it and then I remembered I already did and hated it when I compared it to Battlefield One. So I sold it. I list it here because maybe you want both, but if you get only one, do Battlefield One.

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