If you’re looking to buy the best headset for the XBOX One, then you’ve come to the right place. We have done a lot of research and testing of the popular top selling Turtle Beach XBOX headsets for the One and 360. We ended up at this conclusion, which you yourself probably already have come to after reading all the reviews out there pertaining to various wired and wireless XBOX headsets.

XBOX One Headset with Mic

The fabulous Ear Force Elite 800X which is our favorite XBOX One wireless headset.

This wireless headset model is specific for the XBOX One so you do not need any adapter as you would for the cheaper headset options. It is also new technology with Dolby Digital 7.1. It has a very nice magnetic charging stand and the new Superhuman Hearing technology to better your XBOX gaming experience and help boost your skills in online multiplayer games. This is no joke. It is not your typical stereo sound or simulated surround sound, this is excellent sound quality with true surround sound and superhuman hearing. You will never be snuck up on again and you will know where that shooter is coming from.

One of the coolest things? There is no mic boom, it appears to be just a pair of headphones. You can wear them comfortably and not have the mic in your face. The build quality of this headset is unrivaled. Get ready for extended game session with a home theater on your head.

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Why Choose The Turtle Beach Headphones?

Wireless Headset:
These Turtle Beach headphones have dual band wireless to eliminate wireless router interference while providing high quality sound. You’ll be able to move freely about without the mess of long wires strung across your living room. If you want a cheap wired stereo sound headset, get pretty much any of them, none will come close to a true wireless headset with Dolby Digital.

Built In Mic:
With a built in mic so that you can chat with your XBOX Live friends. Otherwise what’s the point of a headset?

Surround Sound:
Don’t be fooled by cheaper stereo gaming headsets that say “stereo sound” or even simulated or virtual surround sound. I have an old pair of wired headphones and you can’t tell where anything is coming from on the battlefield. Wired headsets really just confuses you and gets you killed. With these amazing headphones you can hear all around you 360 degrees and tell where the footsteps or gun shots are coming from.

Dolby Digital:
True Dolby Digital Surround Sound! Meaning when you hear foot steps, monsters, gun shots, etc, you know exactly which direction they are coming from. It makes a huge difference in game play. And not only game play! It works great for watching movies, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, HBO Go or whatever you use. True surround sound, Dolby Digital on all fronts. It’s a whole new world, a home theater experience on your headset.

Sound Quality:
Crystal clear high definition surround sound. It’s needed. For gaming and movie watching.

Build Quality – Sturdiness:
These sure don’t feel cheap. I think they are going to last a long while. My original cheap non surround sound wired Turtle Beaches are still holding strong many years later. But, they are so inferior when compared to the wireless headset so I will never use them again.

Comfortable Headset:
I can game for hours with these things on and they do not hurt my ears or put a strain on my head. The foam padding feels great and my head does not get hot.

XBOX 360 Gaming Headsets

Ear Force PX51
A true fully wireless Dolby Digital surround sound wireless headset with mic! The Turtle Beach PX51 is a step up with new technology, longer lasting rechargeable battery and the ability to play on Playstation 3, PS4 or even the XBOX One. So if you buy this headset for the XBOX 360, you can use it on other gaming consoles, specifically the Play Station. This wireless headset will also allow you to connect a phone or mp3 player to it via Bluetooth so that you can play your own music while gaming. That is pretty key. The headset is noise canceling and comfortable to wear with padded foam ear pieces. Again, this gaming headset can work with both PS4 or XBOX One gaming. Get the most out of your game sessions with the Turtle Beach Ear Force.

You may have noticed it is designed specifically for the XBOX 360. But it is compatible with the XBOX One if you purchase the headset adapter to convert it for the XBOX One controller. It is a cheap headset adapter that makes this 360 wireless headset compatible with the XBOX One. This saves you a lot of money because the version made specifically for the One cost a lot more. It is featured below. This device has no problem with the PS3 and comes with a cable that should work with the PS4. However it is not wireless for the PS4, it must be connected to your controller with that cable. Which is fine, it is still wireless in the sense that it is not attached to the actual gaming console or home theater system.

Headset Conclusion

After trying several wireless surround sound headsets and asking friends who have various models and reading countless reviews it turns out the best wireless headset for the XBOX One and the 360 is the Turtle Beach Ear Force line for many reasons as stated above.

They are true Dolby Digital and use optical output.
They are wireless and offer 2 channel frequencies so that you can avoid wireless interference.