I love my Fitbit Charge 2 so much that I am here telling you about it. It is surely the best fitness tracker out there. Let me start by telling you I am not a health nut, I party and drink often, I eat whatever the hell damn burger, burrito or box of donuts I want. Yet, I still love my Fitbit Charge 2. And now that we got that out of the way, I am also one of those people who swore they would never wear such a thing or a smart watch of any sort really. Where do we start…… [price check]
fitbit charge 2
Should I Buy A Fitbit? An Honest Review
The simple answer is yes, super yes. I love this thing and all the data it gives me access to. Mostly I love the sleep tracking and step counting.

Sleep Tracking With Fitbit Is Amazing!

fitbit sleep tracking screenshotI am one of those people who does not get a normal 8 hour sleep schedule In fact, you can see from my Fitbit Charge 2 screenshots here, that I have one of the worst sleep schedules this side of the Mississippi. But it’s OK, I live in Las Vegas, the city that stays awake with me.

Bottom line, with a random sleep schedule like this, I would never even remember what time I slept on what day and this app not only shows me, it kind of reminds me of what I did that night. Like oh yes, after sunrise we went to brunch.

The sleep tracking is automatic, so you do not have to remember to hit a button before bed. It can tell when you are in a deep sleep, REM or awake. As you can see there are a ton of random wake ups. According to the settings / help page, people wake up all of the time for very short periods in the middle of the night and do not ever recall it. So this is normal.

Screenshot of one long good night of sleep. I may have used a sleep aid that night.
Screenshot of a night I passed out drunk at 7:30am and went right into a deep sleep.

Step Tracking

best fitness tracker appI love this feature as well. Some days I find myself on the strip walking for miles and it’s nice to know just how many miles you actually walked that day. How many flights of stairs, and so on. This can also be a sad reminder that some days when you stay home, you really get no steps at all. It does encourage you to go on more walks though, so that is good.

It also works while out on hikes or any walks. And if you allow it to, it will show you a GPS map of your movement that day! Sadly I only just found that out while writing this article for you guys and just enabled it so I do not have any screenshots of my own but here is what it looks like. I track my daily movements through a built in option in all Android phones. Check out this full length article on Android phone tracking. I love this feature so hard.

Screenshot of a weekly step tracking total.
Screenshot of weekly walking and biking distance in miles totals.

Sex Tracker, I Mean Heart Rate Monitor

heart rate tracking softwareMy heart rate is a friggen roller coaster. I have a pretty good resting heart rate but oh man can you tell when I have been out drinking til sunrise. You can also tell when I am having the sex, or at least when I’m doing the work. Certain sex activities and positions do not register. It’s fun to look back and recall what day was what based on the heart rate monitor though.

I think this is pretty accurate because I was hooked up to a real heart rate monitor and matched it up with my Fitbit tracker. The device has a few settings such as what handed you are. So you can say right handed and set it to wear on your left hand. It’s very comfortable and you forget it’s there, that’s for sure.

Fitbit Is A Watch

That sounds lame, but I actually use this all the time now. It has this function where if you just flip your wrist towards you, it lights up and you can see the time, heart rate, daily steps, etc. I have not owned or wore a watch since the 1990’s when pagers were a thing. But now that I have a Fitbit on my wrist, it feels normal and I can check the time without digging in my pocket for my phone. I actually like this. I did not expect having access to a watch to be such a big bonus.

It even shows notifications of texts and phone calls which can be handy. You can set it to vibrate so you don’t even have to hear your phone, just feel the wrist. This can be turned on or off, pretty nifty and good when you’re out partying in a loud warehouse or club waiting to hear from your friends. Never miss a text or call again!

Other Options
It does other things like calorie burning tracking, automatic exercise tracking(my best week yet!), run, walk and bike mapping, water intake monitoring(manually), and so on. If you were the ultimate fitness guru or hound, you would use this thing for much more than I do. All in all, it’s the thing to have, for the lazy, party animal, or health nut. If you’re all three, you will love your Fitbit Charge 2.

Fitbit Tracks Your Partying

Most people would use these functions, the heart rate monitor, sleep trackers and step tracker to keep track of their exercise and progress but not I. I use mine to remind myself what a wild night I had, when I was where, what time I fell asleep, etc. It truly is great!

The battery last up to 5 days so you don’t have to worry about it dying on you mid party. And the Fitbit Charge 2 also has interchangeable bands, so you can be all fashionable. I just went standard black though. No need for bling.

Fitness Web Interface – Hike Day vs Drinking Day

Both of these screenshots are taken from the website where you can log in on your computer and access the data in a different layout. I do prefer this when analyzing a day in whole.

Hike Day
As you can see here on my hike day, I got in 10,000 steps, 5 miles and 52 floors. My heart rate was active from 2pm or so til 6pm or so when I was done. I then continued on to get 7 hours of sleep at a normal time. This is all pretty easy to tell from checking out the stats on the web interface. You may note a gap in the heart rate tracking there, that is when I had it on the charger while in the shower. Video from hike.

Drunk Party Night
Drunk night shows quite the opposite of a healthy hike. It starts at midnight, I was out way before that but as you can see my heart rate is elevated from midnight til noonish when I got home. As you can see I still walked a lot that night, 6 miles around the strip. Maybe a lot of that is dancing at an after hours sunrise rooftop club but I’m not positive how Fitbit handles that movement. I was up all the way until 2pm and only slept 3 hours til 5pm. And it says I only went up 6 floors that night because walking around the strip is no where near as intensive as up and down trails in the desert. Pregaming at midnight. Bottle service after sunrise.

Cheating Partners!
So now get this, this Charge 2 surely paints a direct photo as to what I was up to. If I was drinking, out late, had sex heart rate spikes at 4am, got to bed on time and so on. I would honestly give my partner access to my Fitbit if she(who does not exist) ever asked. Considering she would do the same for me. In today’s world, dating is wack and people are not trust worthy. So I would be fine with her having piece of mind as to my truths. Anything that proves I am being honest is great by me. But yeah, you can’t lie with one of these things on. I guess technically you can delete data but the gap alone would kind of prove you destroyed the tracking for that day.

Some would say “but now the government has access to your data”. I mean, the phone already tells them everything they need to know. At least now I have some of this access. I don’t care if they know I am a vampire whore party animal drunkard who doesn’t get enough sleep.

There are a lot more features I do not use, such as the exercise feature, calorie tracking, water intake and such. I guess this thing is designed for a health nut, which clearly I am not. But that does not mean the Fitbit isn’t versatile and a great wearable device for a party animal such as myself. If you want to follow my adventures in Las Vegas, this is my Instagram.

What Does The Fitbit Charge 2 Track?

  • Heart rate
  • Hours slept
  • Sleep cycle
  • Daily steps
  • Flights of stairs climbed
  • Total miles walked or biked
  • GPS movement for workout runs, walks, biking
  • Exercise sessions

Fitness App Screenshots

I posted a lot of screenshots in this article but here I will sum them up for you.

deep sleep with fitbit

Fitbit Charge 2 Vs Alta HR

Best Fitbit:Alta HRCharge 2
Track Floors:NoYes
Size:Slimmer25% larger screen
Battery Life:Up to 7 daysUp to 5 days
Recommended:Not reallyYes
Current Price:ViewView
When it comes to the two devices, it really comes down to what you want. The Alta HR is slimmer and better looking with a longer lasting battery, but it does not have the option to use GPS connected to your phone to track your walks, bikes, runs. I personally like this ability but many do not. The Charge 2 is bigger, has the GPS option and is pretty much the choice for me. It is even cheaper now.