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The Best Website Hosting

Why We Love & Recommend Blue Host

Because obviously. When I first launched a few websites back in 2007 I actually used GoDaddy because they were so popular, I didn't know any better and they were highly recommended by many. Clearly the internet wasn't that evolved yet.

However over the years, after a lot of website building and hard work, some problems with GoDaddy really hurt my rankings for a while. When you depend on your websites to work, have fast load times, a high uptime with minimal throttling, then you can't use someone who has done you wrong. Even if only once, two or thee times. It's time to switch to a better hosting company.

Boycott GoDaddy

Also at this point people should be flat out boycotting GoDaddy. If not for their really poorly run service, over crowded shared hosting plans and expensive renewals. Definitely for the fact that all of their tasteless commercials involve models in bathing suits and skimpy clothing. WHAT does this have to do with hosting or domain names?
Ditch GoDaddy, switch to BlueHost today.

Best Wordpress Hosting

I mention Wordpress separately because it is a whole separate monster when it comes to being hosted and there are even a lot of companies out there who claim to be specific to Wordpress as far as hosting goes. Those companies such as WP Engine even charge up to 15 times as much for this specific hosting type and limit what plug-ins you are allowed to use on their servers. That would never be acceptable by me and is not even an option. Especially because they really limit you on those expensive plans.
But do you really need Wordpress Specific Custom Hosting?
No, of course not. If your site is tuned and configured right you should have no problems on a Shared Hosting Plan with BlueHost.
In fact, Wordpress's official website recommends Bluehost as the number one hosting company for Wordpress. What more do you need?

Best Pricing

Starting at only $3.95 a month, you really can't go wrong. And if all you have is one website or Wordpress Blog, this is perfect for you. But as your online presence expands and your businesses grow you will undoubtedly need to have more that one website so going straight for the Plus Plan may be best as it offers unlimited domains and SQL Databases.
I personally recommend going straight for the Business Pro Plan because the extras are highly worth it.

Why we chose the Pro Plan

I personally went with the more expensive Business Pro Plan for the simple fact of getting my own dedicated IP Address. I think it has helped me in my Google SERP's but not by much. Either way the extra $10 a month is nothing when I take into consideration the benefits and how much the sites net monthly. It's very worth it to take care of your websites. As mentioned before, we wanted a dedicated IP. It's as simple as that. When you are on a Shared Hosting Plan you share the same IP with thousands of other sites, and it's pretty obvious why you wouldn't want to do that. Who knows what kind of websites those neighbors are.

Business Pro Plan features that make it worth it?

Dedicated IP: This is the big one for me due to the importance of my websites.
Domain Privacy: Sometimes, you just don't want the internet obtaining your information.
SSL Certificate: If you have any sort of log in or shopping cart, this is an absolute 100% must have. No way around it.
Global CDN: A Content Delivery Network can really give your websites a huge boost in performance, which in return boost your Google results.
Site Backup Pro: Who doesn't want automatic backups of their websites? I mean I do it myself but this added layer ensures I will never loose my data.
Excellent Phone Support: You get this with any plan but I just wanted to stress how fast and efficient these guys are.

Switching To BlueHost

It's actually really easy to transfer your website from Wordpress Hosting or GoDaddy to BlueHost. They even make it very simple and offer a Site Transfer service for beginners who don't want to do it themselves. I myself moved all of my files manually and changed all of my databases but they will do it for you.

If you already have GoDaddy like I did, it's actually really easy to switch over to Bluehost. Even if you already have a year or several worth of hosting left with GoDaddy you can get refunded. They will refund however many months or years you have left under your plan and Bluehost will do the same if you decide to leave(you won't).

It's a good idea to just sign up for BlueHost now so that you're ready to cancel GoDaddy. Once you have BlueHost you can just FTP all of your files over from GoDaddy to BlueHost. Once everything is uploaded you can just log into GoDaddy and change the DNS Name Servers to point to your new hosting on Bluehost. No downtime.
For many this is too complicated and that is why they stick with a lower quality hosting plan, because they feel trapped in it. But with BlueHost easy transfer option, you don't have to be stuck in that bad hosting. Let them do all of the work for you and enjoy the newer better hosting.

If this is your first site, it's even easier to get started. You can automatically install Wordpress from within the control panel on your BlueHost account. If I recall, it really is a one button press kind of install.
Unbelievably easy.

Excellent Phone Support
If you're new to self hosting, nothing could be more helpful than BlueHost customer service. They will walk you through any setup issues with ease and you don't even have to wait. They almost always answer right away. The agents are efficient and know how to walk you through the issues.

Problems With BlueHost

I've really only ever had one problem with BlueHost and that turned out to be a Wordpress problem. My sites were being throttled by BlueHost which was causing slow downs in performance and satisfaction issues.
When I called they did not know why other than it was my issue. Anyways, I traced the problem down to a Wordpress update and was able to stop the throttling.

BlueHost Features

  • Free Domain Name
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Unlimited addon domains
  • Excellent customer support
  • FTP access
  • Shell Access
  • cPanel Hot link protection
  • Free Domain
  • Php5
  • Perl 5
  • One click WordPress installation.

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Note: We highly recommend BlueHost because they are the best and we use them but if you use the special link above you not only receive the best possible deal from BlueHost, we also get a small referral compensation.