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Make Money Online Blogging

I'm sure you've heard about people who have quit their jobs and make money online from blogging. Well not only that, some have retired from the regular 40 hour work week altogether and survive solely on the websites they run. I myself included.

I tell people that it's easy to earn income online and anyone can do it, but I often forget not everyone is as technical as I am and they always have questions on getting started with their website. So I am putting this page together to guide you through the process of everything you need to start your website right now. It's actually really easy and only seems daunting because you don't know how easy it is.

Start Earning Money Online Now Checklistmaking money online logo
  • Buy hosting and get free domain here
  • Easily install WordPress video
  • Optional but highly recommended, buy Genesis Theme here
  • Write a few articles, I'd say at least 5
  • Apply for Google Adsense here
  • Apply for Amazon Associates here
  • Keep adding new content to your site when you get free time
  • Profit
  • Subscribe here for more tips in the future
  • Eventually hire writers and don't even do anything anymore
  • Retired

How Do I Make Money Online?

We'll start with how, how do you make money online?
When you have a website or a blog and you provide quality content, people will find it via Google. As you get more and more traffic by providing more and more quality content, you will make money from advertisements and product recommendations on your site.

But I Dont Know How To Do Web Design!
Neither do 80% of the people who have websites!
Now a days with WordPress everything is done for you. All you have to do is be smart enough to log in and click around. You can easily post new articles by just typing! No need to know how to code, do HTML or CSS.
It's really too easy and that's why there are a lot of low quality websites out there making big bucks.

What Is Quality Content?
That depends on what subject you are writing about. If you know about construction, think what someone like you would search for to read / learn before doing. If you work in a hair salon, think what products, styles or general questions your customers would look up online and then just write about it, in depth and with the information the user was looking for. That's all quality content is! Good written information that helps the user find what they were looking for. With helpful information, you will earn money.

But It's Already Been Written About!
Maybe so, but you're still here aren't you? Most things have already been written, explained or even video blogged about already but that does not mean you shouldn't add to the pot. Your knowledge may be better than the last persons or your way of explaining it may be easier for someone else to understand. If the topic is a hobby of yours, it'll be easy to write about and become an authority on the subject matter. The market is not done, there are more and more people doing this same thing but that's because it works and there is easy money to be made.

How Do I Advertise And Make Money Online?
Once you have your website, with your articles about your topic, you just place Google Ads into your content and people will click them. Why? Because if you wrote about how to improve your heating bill, the advertiser algorithm knows that and may place an ad about energy efficient windows or something. It will be related, enticing clicks because it's why the user got there in the first place. Ads are good, they are relevant, if you write about a new camera buying guide, the ads will be about cameras. But even better, you yourself can recommend a specific product on Amazon Affiliates and earn a commission for that sale. Review writings are huge and earn money per sale based on what you recommend. This is what makes the internet go round and the only reason websites exist. You'll start to notice as you surf the web, every site is a advertising money making pot.

Step 1: Buy Hosting And Domain Name

This is the first and most important step to getting started. The problem is the upfront cost puts some people off. Look, nothing is free and if it is, it doesn't work. The only way to actually make money with your own website is to have a real hosting plan.
You can't use a free site like Blogger, WordPress or tumblr. Trust me, if you could I would. The fact remains that if you use a free service like that, you do NOT have a website, they do and you're just brining in traffic for them. You must own your own hosting plan with full control over your site.

Bluehost is low cost hosting at only $3.95 per month. I myself get a lot of traffic and pay the $14.95 per month for the Business Pro Plan. Luckily, your website is going to be making money and paying for itself, so the upfront cost should not be an issue.

With BlueHost you also get a free domain name. This is your website address. You want to be short and catchy with no spaces or dashes.

How To Install WordPress Guide

Now the installation of WordPress. Luckily it is a very simple, click install button, fill out name and you're done kind of a deal. It is really that easy.

Step 1: Login To Control Panel
Once you buy the yearly hosting plan provided by BlueHost above, you will be able to log into your cPanel Hosting Account and install WordPress with the click of a button.

Step 2: Click Install WordPress
It's really that easy, nothing tricky to it. No database connection to make or mysql server scripts to deal with, one click and you're on your way to your new website.
install wordpress guide
Ok, after this screen you will have to click Install WordPress one more time, but it will be as clear as day so no screenshot for that.

Step 3: Select Domain Name From Drop Down
You should only have one domain name to choose from in the next screens drop down unless you bought more than one domain. But simply select the website name you are installing WordPress on.

Step 4: Advanced Options
In the next step you will check the box that says Advanced Options and fill out the blanks. You'll see it's not very advanced at all. You must choose a site title, this can be changed later but it should be the name like John's RC Blog or Sally's Hair Technique, Construction Tips 101, whatever.
For the user name you do not want to use admin, you should make one up as you always would.
Password, obviously make it harder to guess, add numbers and special characters, pretty much like any password requirements out there already today.

Step 5: WordPress Installed
After hitting Install, it takes a moment or so and it's done. That is really it. You will get an email with the login link to log into WordPress and start writing for your website.
The "backend" of WP is very easy to learn and navigate around which is why it's so popular in today's online webmaster community. You want to write a new story / page / post you just hit Post, New and it pops up. The editor has easy click buttons to add images, links, bold, etc. You do not need to know HTML/CSS but you will start learning naturally as you get further into your hobby of blogging and making money on the internet.
This is a demo page of what the back end of WordPress looks and feels like. The username and password is admin / demo.

Money Making WordPress Themes

You'll notice your install comes with a few free themes. These are not the best themes but then again what did I say earlier? The free stuff will never be the good stuff. If you want your website to look legit, you gotta drop a bill on a premium SEO structured theme. Also if you want better Google Ranks which of course you do. Without buying the theme, you're just half assing it. And no one can afford to put half effort into something. Making money online is easy, but you have to start with the best and SEO and visual representation are very important. Now, you don't have to buy the Genesis framework and theme because there are a ton of free themes out there in the WP Depository but I promise you none of them are SEO Optimized like Genesis and you can see from my numbers here what a huge difference it has made. You really don't want to do without that huge boost.

Genesis actually makes it very easy to implement your Google Adsense code that you get from Google. After you have a website and a small handful of articles you just sign up. Then with the Genesis theme you copy the code Google gives you and put it your Genesis Theme and it automatically inserts it into your articles. Super easy and you're now making extra money online.