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Should I Switch From GoDaddy

Don't Support GoDaddy

There are so many reasons not to support GoDaddy Domains / Hosting that it's not even funny. You may know one or even two but there are more.
The problem is, maybe you joined them long ago before you knew any better and now it's a daunting task to switch from GoDaddy. Luckily it's a lot easier than you think and can even be done today.
In today's day and age, we the consumer have the power to hurt those who need to be. And GoDaddy is one of those companies that just simply does not deserve your business. They're sickening.
I personally switched to BlueHost(hosting plans here), the far superior hosting service. And it was very easy as you can see from that article.

boycott godaddy

GoDaddy's Advertising Sucks

Seriously they have the worst advertising campaign ever. What were they thinking using models in skimpy cloths? What does that have to do with domain names or hosting?
Here are a few terrible ads.

Nerd kissing model - Warning, cringe factor max. This is just gross and has nothing to do with anything.

Show me your beaver - Come on really?

Weird trying to be sexy dance - Dumb, awkward, sexist, not domain or hosting like.

Spread legs open commercial - Oh, ok, spread your legs and I'll buy! More sexism from GoDaddy.

Shipping Puppies Online - As if sexist commercials weren't enough. Now they promote selling puppies online and shipping them out as if it's eBay. This was from the latest Super Bowl commercial. It is said that they pulled it, but too late. They already made it.

So as you can see they have very distasteful commercials that are not related to domain names or website hosting at all. Just flat out sexist and using the female body to try and sell a crappy product service.
How could anyone support this?
Another reason to leave GoDaddy.

CEO Bob Parsons Kills Elephants

The CEO / Founder of Go Daddy Bob Parsons has gone to Africa just to hunt and kill Elephants. He himself claims he is helping the locals by stopping the "problem elephants" from stomping on food crops and he is in return saving the villagers from starvation. He himself spent up to $70,000 for the opportunity to go hunt these elephants. Sounds more like an extravagant kill thrill getaway to me. If there really was a problem I bet $70,000 could have gone to some sort of wild life organization to help the animals and the villagers. It seems to me like he just wants to kill animals. He does admit having hunted many other animals on the Africa savannah before this. He clearly just likes shooting defenceless animals for fun. This is the man that founded and runs the company. Surely he is the one behind the sexist commercials and puppy selling campaign as well. Don't support this guy. Boycott.
Full story here.

GoDaddy Supported SOPA

Yes, GoDaddy supported SOPA. The internet bill that wanted to censor everything. Most large online presences were against it. Including Google, Facebook, Youtube, Wiki and so on. But Godaddy on the other hand was in support of this censorship. There was a massive backlash and outcry from its user base threatening to leave if they supported it. At first GoDaddy said so what, we haven't seen an impact from this boycott. But shortly after, as people were leaving by the masses they changed their stance on the SOPA Act. So they actually flip flopped and changed their mind. However this does not change my mind. They still supported it in the first place and still think this way. Even if they took back the support at the threat of a dollar loss, they still suck and should not get your money because you can't trust what they will do or support in the future.

Their Hosting And Customer Service Sucks

Even if they weren't all kinds of scum, the service is still terrible. That alone should be enough reason to switch from GoDaddy. They have terribly over crowded shared hosting plans that leave your site crawling on its knees at times. They really hurt my rankings over time and I couldn't figure out what it was because I was still a new webmaster. After gaining experience, doing research and tearing into the underbelly of the best, I learned it was simply the crap hosting and slow loading provided by GoDaddy servers. I switched and have gained a ton of organic search traffic since then.

GoDaddy Supports Torture

godaddy torture
Oh! And I almost forgot. The CEO of Go Daddy, Bob Parsons supports torture! He does not want to shut down Guantanamo Bay and justifies it because "other countries have worse torture policies".
Could the animal killing internet censoring sexist torture supporting pig get any worse? No, absolutely not. This is why you must leave GoDaddy now. It's so easy to switch your domains out and transfer your hosting.