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The Best WordPress Theme For Google

Genesis Is Best For WordPress SEO

You can read the whole article, but I'm telling you it's Genesis straight up no BS.

Genesis Theme Features

  • HTML5 Built
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Lightweight Code
  • PageSpeed Optimized
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Fast Friendly Support
  • Amazing User Community
  • Easily Customizable
  • Custom Plugins
  • One Click Updates
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Check It Out Now ------>
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For the longest time we were using what was regarded by many as the best free WordPress Theme, Suffusion. themselves was even recommending this free theme so I went with it. It has over 1 million downloads on the theme depository. I loved Suffusion, it had so many options and was so easily customizable. But little did I know it was wreaking havoc on my Search Engine Optimization and holding me back in my Google Rankings.

As it turns out this WP theme that was dubbed the best free WordPress theme at the time(the official WP site recommended it to me too) was causing a lot of errors in Google Webmaster Tools that were beyond my control. It was all back end and embedded into the code of the free theme. Like I said, it was a great easy to use theme for beginners and I stuck with it for a long time, but it is not for someone trying to excel and advance their website traffic.

Fixed Errors
best theme markup
Pictured is this website back in March before and after the switch from Suffusion to Genesis Framework in late February.
The crossover in statistics and delay is because obviously it takes time for Google Bots to crawl the entire site, but the extreme and direct correlation between these errors and added entries with Genesis Theme clearly made a massive difference in my search traffic as I'll show later on. SEO is key.

Decreased Page Load Speed
fastest theme load times
While it may have taken some time for Google to report all of the correct html as shown in the first image, this image shows that my page load times improved immediately and the proof is in the pudding. It is very important that your blogs theme be slim, sleek and lightweight so that it loads fast both on desktop PC's and mobile browsers. Google can tell how good you're doing and will hold it against you. In other words, the faster theme is the better theme.
Genesis is mobile optimized to load fast on desktops, tablets and phones. Google knows that it is responsive and in return puts it ahead countless sites that are not mobile responsively designed.

genesis load times
I actually switched it on several sites and this is my test site, where you can see the theme load times were reduced, yet at the same time the pages crawled were increased.
I know those are still high load times but it's because I had heavy graphics in the header and background I have since removed. The point is it increased page speed right away because it is designed efficiently. Also in this image you see that the less time Google has to spend crawling your page, the more pages it crawls. It downloaded faster and more data meaning it was visiting more of my pages once my site performance improved. Positive SEO.

Increase Website Traffic
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Most importantly, with better coding for Search Engine Optimization and a decreased load time, comes increases in traffic which in return increases profits.
As you can see from the above image my traffic started going up almost immediately after I made the switch to Genesis in February. March was quite the surprise to me and even till this day I am still slowly gaining momentum. I attribute it to Genesis Framework and switching from GoDaddy to Bluehost.

boost google ranks
As you can see the direct correlation to the switching of themes is tremendous and still rising to this day. If I could go back and change any one thing about my history with my websites, it would be to buy the Genesis Framework sooner than I did. As for an actual theme, they give you many options as you can see and even offer a developer pack. Oh, also Matt Cutts, the head SEO guy at Google uses it. So that should tell you something.

Conclusion: Best Premium Wordpress Theme

Did it cost money? Of course, my theme was no longer free but it wasn't holding me back any more. It really is low cost when you think about it it's practically free. It paid for itself in the first month and increased traffic ad revenue immediately. If I was still using any other free WordPress Theme I'd be ages behind in traffic and income.
Buying Genesis was the best thing I have ever done for my websites.

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