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build gaming computer

Build A Budget Gaming Computer 2017

Most people are too scared to try and build a gaming computer because the task can seem so daunting. Truth is, it really only takes a little research. If you can use a screwdriver, you can build your own computer. Check out the part lists here.

install ssd drive

Upgrade To An SSD

It's no longer a secret that the cheapest, easiest and fastest way to boost your computers performance is to make the switch to SSD.

clone vs image

Hard Drive - Clone Vs. Image

Backing up all of your data can seem like a big task, but it's really not. First you must understand the difference between an image and a clone. With the new age upon us actual photographs are mostly non existent and everything important to you is on your computers drive.

extend range

Increase Your WiFi Signal

Learn how to increase the strength of your WiFi Signal and extend the range throughout your home by these simple ways of boosting the WiFi. Take control of your wireless network and fix your router signal.

Best Available Home Wireless Router Review

Be sure you're getting the fastest speeds possible from your home wifi router.
Set up a home share or FTP with this advanced firewall router combo.
Compare ASUS to Linksys and D-Link.

wordpress tips

Best Theme For WordPress

One of, if not the most important things for your WordPress websites is the theme you use. And in some cases, if that means paying $59, you do it. Because the Return On Investment is amazing. You really can't afford to use a free theme when there are much better SEO OPtimized premium themes available.

Best Cheap Hosting

The only thing as important for your site than your theme would be your hosting plan. Boycott sub par services like Go Daddy and get with someone like BlueHost. The server performance alone will give your website a rankings boost.

Best SEO Tips For 2017

This year there has been a lot of changes to Search Engine Optimization. With Google always making new rules and changes you must stay up to date with SEO.

Bad Robots Txt!

Don't be fooled by the many people out there following a few bad examples. Your robotos.txt can make or break your site. Mostly break. You do not want to block the G Bot from pages or sources on your site.

Stop Website Throttling, Disable WP-CRON

You must stop the ever so abusive wp-cron from firing off every single time you get a visitor. This task will slow down your website and cause server throttling. Here I show you how to fix that by disabling the wp-cron.php.