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Top Network Help Guides

All of StickyStatic's home and business networking guides, reviews, suggestions and help on making your home network, the best. Best modems for Comcast, wireless routers for your small home or large mansion, storage for your network and more.

Best Modem For Comcast Xfinity

comcast replacement modem

If you buy this cable modem, you can save $10 a month on your Comcast Xfinity cable bill. Buy your own DOCSIS 3.0 Approved modem. It is top of the line for the fastest speeds and compatible with Xfinity internet packages Extreme, Blast and all other packages.

Best Strong Wireless Router Guide

wireless router extended range

If you have a lot of smart devices connecting in your home, you're going to want the best wireless router for your internet. With ranges up to 5,000 square feet, this wifi leaves no dead spots and drops no packets. It's great for gaming or streaming in high definition over Netflix.

Best Comcast Xfinity Voice Modem for Triple Play

comcast voice modem

The best modem for those with Comcast Voice, otherwise known as Xfinity Triple Play. This is a combo all in one modem and wifi router for voice. it is mandatory even if you do not use the phone aspect of the Triple Play package.

Wireless Mesh Is The Strongest Possible Wireless Signal

strongest possible router

It has arrived, wireless mesh for your home. I seamless super long range wireless network for heavy device use and maximum coverage. Check out our top choice for a wireless mesh router.

Best Home Security Camera - Arlo Q

cheap home security camera

I must say, I love my Arlo Q so much! It even helped me capture a ghost, no joke. But this wireless security camera is a great addition to any home security system. Check out our full review and start protecting your home today.

SB6183 Vs. SB6190

arris modem compare

The two top modems our are the Arris SB6183 and the SB6190. But which one is better and why? Check out our comparison chart to help you choose which modem is best for you.

Orbi Vs. Velop

linksys vs netgear

With Wireless Mesh being the new hot technology for home wifi networks, you really only have 2 major options for consumer purchase. The Netgear Orbi and the Linksys Velop. But which of these two mesh kits are best for your house or small business? Check our our full wireless mesh review.

Backup Files To Your Network Drive

best nas

When it comes to backing up your computer files, there is no better way than to have a network attached storage! Having a large hard drive attached to your router is the best way to keep everything from all computers safe and backed up.

Extend Wireless Range

In some cases, not even the best of the best in wireless routers can help you get wifi in the largest of homes. In these cases you need what is known as a wireless mesh network. Multiple routers that connect seamlessly throughout your home providing one solid strong long range wireless network.

Best DSL Modem for CenturyLink

dsl combo modem

If you use a DSL service like one provided by CenturyLink or AT&T, then you'll want a good combo modem router. These combo routers are the top of the line when it comes to replacing your DSL modem with something approved to work with your DSL service.

Best COX Modem

When it comes to COX Cable Internet, the same rules apply. If you want to save $10 a month and have the best equipment, you will need to purchase a replacement modem.

Best Gaming PC Desktops 2018

StickyStatic's gaming computer corner! Budget builds, power builds, AMD builds, Intel builds and more. Check out our gaming computer parts lists and guides and build your very own gaming computer.

Intel Gaming PC

i5 gamer desktop build

This powerful gaming desktop is brought to you by the Intel i5. It is my build and I love it. Check out our build guide parts list and build yourself a beast of a gaming rig.

Budget Gaming PC Build

cheap gaming budget computer

This AMD build list is a great budget gaming computer. It will play all the top games much better than a console such as the Playstaion 4 or XBOX One. Check out this cheap gaming desktop and be on your way to the PC Master Race today!

No Budget 4K Gaming Computer

4k game computer parts list

This 4K gaming build goes beyond the idea of a budget. No holding back, the ultimate gaming PC meant for the best resolutions on multiple monitors. The extreme game build!

Best PC Games Of The Year 2018 Edition

best game downloads

Check out this list of the best PC games of the year! These are some heavy hitters that you can play on any of the gaming computers above. What is your favorite? Comment on the article!

Cheap Desktop PC For Your Office

If you're not a gamer but just want a cheap budget desktop PC for your office, this is the desktop build for you. Save a ton of money with this super budget computer.

Coolest Gaming Computer Cases

If you're going to build your own gaming computer, you're going to want a good looking computer case. Check out these awesome options for your next build.

Hottest Tech, Guides, Reviews and more!

Hottest Tech Gifts

Another guide with hot tech toys gifts for him or her.

Upgrade To Solid State Drive

Upgrading your hard drive to a solid state drive is easily the biggest performance boost you can do for your computer.

Backup Your Hard Drive

If you are not backing up your data, you could lose everything at any moment. In this guide you learn how to clone or image your hard drive, and what the difference is.

IPCONFIG Networking Commands

This article teaches you the basics of networking commands in Windows. From IPCONFIG to PING and more.

Best XBOX Headset

If you're an XBOX gamer, like myself, then you want the best in surround sound headsets for your gaming experience.

Best Non Plastic Coffee Maker

As a bunch of gamers and computer nerds, we consume a lot of coffee! This is my personal set up for making coffee so of course I am bringing you this info.

Best Exercise Tracker Review

An honest and detailed review of the Fitbit Charge 2 fitness tracker heart rate monitor, step counter and sleep tracker.

American Netflix DNS Codes

One for all you in Canada or the UK trying to watch US based Netflix on your XBOX.