Should I Upgrade To Windows 8?

What is Windows 8?
Windows 8 is the newest released Operating System from Microsoft Corporation. Windows 8 is supposed to replace Windows 7(which replaced Windows XP) and make it possible to sync multiple devices such as a desktop, laptop, tablet and a smartphone with one customized user experience across all devices.

What you should know about Windows 8.
It is the latest and greatest so it may not be compatible with all of your hardware, drivers and software. You may need to do research on your PC components before upgrading.
Many companies are still behind when it comes to new driver release and updates for Microsoft Windows 8 so you may run into incompatibility issues with certain hardware and software. Of course in time this will improve like it does with all new OS releases.

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Can I download Windows 8?
Yes, you can get an upgrade disc direct from Microsoft. They even a special right now where you can buy the full disc from Microsoft on Amazon.

Why shouldn’t I upgrade to Windows 8?
One thing many users have complained about with Windows 8 is that you lose the Start Menu and look and feel of Windows that you’re used to. No more task bar either. The new look is dubbed “Metro” however due to a trademark issue in Europe Microsoft is trying to stray away from that name.
If you really wants your Start Menu and Desktop back then there are a few programs out there that allow you to return to the old Desktop look. The only problem with this is you lose the live tile functionality of Windows 8. The new live tiles update and change as you get new emails and status updates on social networking sites. They are pretty much like widgets and can show you news feeds, the weather, etc.

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Another problem with Metro is that if your internet is down or you don’t have an internet connection you can not download and run apps. Because it is mostly cloud based this could be a huge problem with internet outages or people in an area that does not offer a broadband connection. Metro’s start tiles do not have a lot of functionality without an internet connection.

You can watch this animated review to see some frustrations.

Is Windows 8 for me?
Windows 8 is ultimately designed for Touch Screens, Smart Phones and Tablets so if you don’t have either of these and are already running Windows 7 you probably won’t want to upgrade. Windows 7 is a great Operating System and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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Why would I want Windows 8?
Windows 8 does start up and shut down faster if you can even figure out how to do that without a start menu. But who turns off their computer anyway?
So it’s faster, new interface, syncs between devices, gets you ready for the next generation of PC computing and looks and feels like a mobile phone or tablet.
I personally don’t need any of that and won’t be using Windows 8 unless I am forced to at work.

What is a Windows 8 cloud?
With the Windows 8 cloud based login from your Microsoft Passport(Hotmail or you can have it set up to carry your settings across all Windows 8 machines which can save you time in the future. It is handy to see your personalized desktop wherever you log on. Sort of like a roaming profile.

Windows 8 Minimum Requirements.
Here are the specs provided by Microsoft however I hear you need much more RAM for smooth performance.

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