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what is the best internet browser
Internet Explorer | FireFox | Safari | Chrome | Opera

I’m curious what Internet Browser do you think is the best and why?
Please leave comments below with why and what Plug-Ins you use on your Internet browser.

I personally use FireFox mostly however I use all 4.
I use FireFox mainly for all on going work and have over 40 tabs open at anytime.
I use Chrome for quick non work related task, testing sites, few other things and such.
I use Opera Mobile on my Android Smart phone.
And I use Internet Explorer rarely mostly for testing sites.

I myself have noticed that Chrome is being used the most across all of my sites. Especially this site where more technical people are involved.
On a site I run that is more local to the San Francisco Bay Area, sadly there is too much Safari. But only because they are all victims to the Mac cool hipster phase. Not because they made a technical choice to buy a better product. I will post data at the end of the year from all sites.

So far in 2014 Chrome decimates all others on StickyStatic, the tech based site.
And I am happy to say very few MAC people come here because they are not technical to begin with. Burn!
1. Chrome 43.77%
2. Firefox 20.00%
3. Internet Explorer 19.79%
4. Safari 9.44%

2013 Totals
1. Chrome 36.70%
2. Internet Explorer 24.27%
3. Firefox 21.82%
4. Safari 8.81%

2012 Totals
1. Chrome 29.56%
2. Firefox 26.49%
3. Internet Explorer 22.54%
4. Safari 11.25%


  1. Bo Tiger says

    I would like to know how your getting Firefox to work. If you google ‘firefox crashes’ you’ll see the browser has some serious issues.
    I have tried it myself a number of times and after adding a few add-ons my computer crashed and had to hard reset.
    People are complaining about freezes, hangs and many other issues with it. I use to use it all the time, was my favourite browser but now it just sucks big time and I’m not the only one to think that.

    • says

      True, FireFox has gone through some serious issues over the years. There was a point where it would crash on me constantly. However at the time I don’t think Chrome was an option yet so I stuck it out.
      I have no issues with it crashing now and I have more than 60 tabs open at any given time.
      I would make sure all plug ins are up to date and be cautious of 3rd party plug-ins that may have poor code written in them.

      I think generally plug-ins and add-ons slow you down so I only use a few important ones to web development. I also stopped blocking ads. While I do not like pop ups I do like on page ads because some are actually very interest based and things I want to see and others are funny.

  2. David says

    If you havea newer device from 2013/2014… Chrome is your best bet.. Fast, efficient and smooth… Dolphin was my first browser, but I had to upgrade to chrome…

    • says

      It’s rough on mobile devices because I feel both Chrome and FireFox drain my battery on my Samsung Galaxy about the same.
      Chrome even causes the device to feel hot in my hands.
      I only use the browser app while in bed or on the train commuting to work so it’s not that big of a deal but it seems like both developers could focus on the processes.

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