Clean Up wp_post Database

I made the mistake of recently trying an old WordPress Plugin by the name of Core Control. Just to see what’s going on under there. I forgot about it, let it go for a month.
Well then I noticed my WordPress database backups went from a little ole 1MB to over 240MB with over 30k lines!!!!
Sifting through the SQL Database it seems my wp_post table is very large. So big it’s almost unthinkable.
When I looked into it I had thousands of lines in wp_post, over 30,000 entries for a GET post type http with this string in it. core_control_http_log_item
So clearly it was this defunct Core Control WordPress Cron Job plugin. But how do I remove all of those without damaging my wp_post?
Using phpMyAdmin and diving into the wp_post table I could confirm that these new get http post types started right when I added this plugin. So to make sure I disabled Core Control, monitored the wp_post table and no more post type http rows were added to the table. Busted Core Control!

It has to do with the External HTTP Access Log I guess. Why on earth it’s not writing to it’s own table is beyond me.
I was scared because before I figured it out, all that I knew was that my database was corrupted and I was afraid I lost a months worth of work.
I did notice thing were slowed down and it’s because my database queries now had over 30k lines to process before finding the right line instead of the measly 300 something which is more realistic.

Clean WP_Post Table

So anyways, we can get rid of them all by going to phpMyAdmin on your hosting servers cpanel. Always remember to backup your database first!
Once you’re in there and you’ve made a backup, go into your WordPress Database, then go into the wp_post table. Once in the database go up to select the SQL tab and paste this string in and press go!
DELETE FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = 'http'
It will delete thousands of bunk entries from the expired Core Control plug in and your wp_post database will be back down to a normal functional size.

Before & After. This is gziped so before was really 250MB and after is really like 2MB.
clean wp_post table

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