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Best Tech Gadgets For Fathers Day

Buying gifts for him or her, whether they be your wife, husband(or your Dad) can be hard. Birthday's, Christmas and Fathers Day often leaves people stumped as to what to get.
Heck, I myself often have a hard time trying to decide what to buy myself and I am me!
So I made this guide with some of the best tech gadgets and gifts for the upcoming special occasion or holiday season.
Welcome to the 2016 Father's Day Edition!
You can also view this Holiday Gifts cheat list by Amazon. Amazon has amazing sure fire gift ideas.

gift card

Best Possible - Amazon Gift Card

It should come as no surprise that the best possible gift option is a swanky Amazon Gift Card. Then he/she can buy pretty much anything they wish online and get it sent straight to their door. While this is the easy way out it is the sure fire happy camper. But if you want to put more thought into it keep reading down the list.

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For the sake of sounding redundant instead of referring to both women and men, from here on out I will refer to mostly men since this is an "gadget" article and more traffic lands here for him. But these gifts are great for women as well. I have bought my mom several of these items for Christmas and her Birthday. In fact, because my Dad passed before Amazon existed, I have pretty much bought all of these for myself and my mom. You may buy yourself a present or two after checking out these hot gadgets.

Low Cost Electronic Gifts

These cheap electronic gifts come in all shapes and sizes. They run mostly around the under $50 price range but sometimes based on supply and demand may cost more. Overall this section is a great deal on electronic gadgets.

rc heli

Micro RC Helicopter

This is useless as far as productivity gadgets go but it sure is fun and I do enjoy flying it around my living room and playing with the cat. It's so small and cute! The cool thing about this is you can actually buy 2 and then fly them separately. They do not interfere with each other. So you can race around the house!
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weather thermometer

Personal Weather Station

As a geek that lives in a very active unpredictable climate, I must say I love to keep track of the weather and this personal Weather Station is just too cool. I keep one on my shelf in my office, one in my bedroom and one in my kitchen. It is the perfect kitchen gift actually for anyone. It's also very interesting to feel and see the temperature difference in my home. 5 degrees can be huge.
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cards against humanity

Cards Against Humanity

This is currently the number one selling toy or game on Amazon, can you believe that? People must be horrible! I'm kidding, the game is AWESOME and will be great for hosting small fun nights with friends. But be ready to learn a lot about your friends. Actually, maybe you should read the reviews before you buy this one.
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portable storage

64GB Key chain Drive

A key chain thumb drive is a pro gift for any computer guy that doesn't have one already. Even if they already have one is it this big? 64GB is a must have. Great to always have a copy of your resume on you, be able to grab mp3's or movies while at a friends house, bring some important work home or just carry around photos.
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wireless keyboard best

New Wireless Keyboard

You know he's been using that same ole keyboard in his office for years and it's all dirty and gross. It's tough for a man to buy themselves something so useful when they already have one so just surprise him with this awesome wireless keyboard. I guess it depends on how much you love them. Joking, depends on how much they use the computer. I myself need the best.
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led computer fan

Blue Computer Fan

This is a great gift for anyone that loves their computer! However it's not the one pictured here with my kitty. Mine is a 200mm fan, this is a 120mm fan. The reason being the 120mm will fit on anyone's computer but the 200mm takes a pretty big computer case such as my custom computer build here.
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firestick tv

Amazon Fire Stick

I'll just tell you that it turns any HDTV into a "Smart TV" that allows you to stream Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Youtube and more right there on your TV. This is like gold if you currently watch any of those on a small laptop or computer. I use this every single day. Update: I decided to upgrade and got the FireTV. Love it!
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radar detector

Radar Detector

This is for him or her. If they are racking up the speeding tickets buy this present! Surprisingly this is totally legal in all but 2 areas(Virginia and Washington DC). I personally do not speed within the city but any time we go on a road trip with long straight roads, this is in full effect and it really works. You know the cop is down the highway far ahead of time.
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portable bluetooth speakers

Portable Bluetooth SPeaker

This is a gift anyone would love. I love mine. This portable bluetooth speaker can go with you anywhere. In the car, to the park, on your bike, in the office, bathroom or kitchen. I take it with me to the bar. It packs a punch and hooks direct to your cellphone via Bluetooth and is super simple to pair up. If you want top of the line, go BOSE. If you want the very best, go BOSE again.
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coolest headphones

Stylish Slamming Headphones

These stylish headphones look kind of steam punk'ish and sound great. Perfect gift for anyone who has to ride public transportation or likes to listen to music on their computer late at night.
If you want the best, go Beats Solo 2.0.
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coffee drinker gift

Mr Coffee Maker

This is a gift for the kitchen, not him or her, the kitchen deserves this. There is nothing better than hot fresh juicy coffee in the morning. I myself gave up any machine that uses plastic(BPA) and use this chemical free pure coffee system. It does take a lot more effort to make coffee this way but it taste so pure.
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wind up emergency radio

Emergency Solar Wind Up Radio

Us guys like to think we're prepared for anything but the truth is most of us don't even have a emergency radio. So do your household a favor and grab this nifty solar powered and wind up emergency radio.
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led keychain

LED Keychain

We do love to have a bright light source on our keychains and this is the perfect little cheap stocking stuffer type gift. It's bright and last a long long time. Small and goes right on your keychain.
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best electric toothbrush

Electric Toothbrush

Some guys love their gadgets in the bathroom and I myself must say having an electric toothbrush is very nice and feels cleaner for some reason. This may not be the best idea for a main say Christmas present but it would be a great stocking stuffer. You just have to hope he doesn't think you're telling him his breath stinks!
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best electric shaver

Electric Shaver

Is he a clean shaven man? A rough man? Either way he'll like this electric shaver! I myself used to use it all of the time. But my girlfriend told me to stop shaving so I did and now I have this huge beard thing. But when I do still have this handy shaver for when the time comes.
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cheap shelves

Organize Your Office

If your dad is always working on projects and you simply can't think of anything to buy him for Christmas because he already has every gadget, well maybe he needs storage space in his home office or workshop! My girlfriend surprised me with this purchase and I didn't even know I needed it(I did). But it's not that big at all, fits perfectly behind my desk and I can easily get stuff on and off while I work.
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$50 to $100 Gift Ideas

Note: Because of supply and demand some items may be under $50 or over $100 at times. This list is updated by me to stay within price range but be sure to check anything before final purchase because sometimes they do exceed the targeted price range based on demand. Current prices will be clear as day on Amazons page.

portable hard drive

Portable External Hard Drive

Have you heard him complain he is running out of space? Works on important stuff like photos or web design? This is a great way to expand your storage and safely backup files. A simple portable 1 TeraByte External Hard Drive. It can even plug right into an XBOX or TV and play movies. This honestly may be the easiest one to really please anyone who works on their computer or downloads movies / music.
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best digital camera

Compact Pocket Digital Camera

I have this camera and I love it. The camera is so small that it fits in my pocket unnoticed. It's very cheap yet takes high quality pictures. It has all sorts of point and shoot modes available from night time, fireworks, day time, landscape, sunset and more.
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play station gift card

PlayStation Gift Card

If your husband owns a PlayStation 3 or PS4 then there is pretty much always a new game that they want or there will be soon. Trust me. With this gift card you give the full power to buy that game instantly online through their Playstation. This is another instant gratification user choosing gift that you could never go wrong with.
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xbox gift card deal

Microsoft XBOX Gift Card

I personally would love this XBOX Gift Card right about now because there are a few games I want. Just like the Play Station gift card deal you can use this to buy video games directly from your XBOX 360 or XBOX ONe video game console. Meaning the best stuff is a few clicks away. Just let them buy and download it themselves. With that said, does anyone want to buy me this?
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Gift Ideas $100 to $200

Note: Because of supply and demand some items may be under $100 or over $200 at times. This list is generally updated by me to stay within price range but be sure to check anything before final purchase because sometimes they do exceed the targeted price range. Current prices will be clear as day on Amazons page.

floatig wireless speaker

Floating Orb Bluetooth Speaker

This wireless futuristic 3D 360 degree sound floating bluetooth orb speaker will look super cool on any desk. It almost looks like R2D2 too so a Star Wars fan would love it.
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surround sound bar

Surround Sound Bar

If you have a nice TV but are using the built in speakers, I feel bad for you. You most likely don't even realize how much more amazing the sound quality can be. This small high powered sound bar will pack a punch and turn your living room into a home theater. I know you think your TV sounds good but please buy your family this. It will change everything about your home entertainment experience.
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electronic keyboard

Electronic Keyboard

If your significant other is musically inclined, they'll love this electronic keyboard. The ultimate present for a music enthusiast. I actually bought a higher end model but this was my first choice before I decided to go all in and get a higher end keyboard. I really should have gotten this one because I am not good at all! It's also a great gift for a kid you want to give a hobby.
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computer monitor

Computer Monitor

If your spouse spends a lot of time in front of the computer then make sure they have a nice big High Definition monitor. I mean nothing makes your life better than sharp high def imagery. If your monitor is not up to par, swap that out right away!
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best router

Advanced Wireless Router

This can be a tough choice. Your man has to be a real geek to care about his wireless router but if he DOES care about computers and is into Networking at all he will be amazed at this new ASUS wireless router with built in Print Server, Filer Server, external access and more.
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go pro camera

GoPro Hero 3

Of course every man on the planet wants a Hero 3 by GoPro but the question is, will they really use it? A search of Youtube shows the amazing video quality this little bugger packs. A lot of daring stuff out there. Can you add to it?
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Love Is Priceless

high definition tv

50" High Definition TV

This is for you, you know it is! But you can buy it and say it is for your husband or wife and not feel guilty because this is a gift that the whole family can enjoy together. Surprisingly the cost of big screen TV's has indeed gone down and these days they just deliver them to you for free. So this is it, the ultimate electronic gift for him or her for the holidays.
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xbox sale

Complete Home Entertainment

I know I said the HDTV was the best possible gift but if you already have one then the XBOX One is it. The XBOX One is not just for gaming. It can be used for watching movies, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Youtube, watching the news, web browsing, streaming music and so much more. Pretty much any guy you know wants this. It turns your TV into a movie theater.
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cheap dell laptop

Lightweight Laptop

If your spouse likes to spend their time in coffee shops then they need this lightweight Laptop. It is small and powerful and easy to tote along for daily activities. I have even written part of this article on one. I don't like to always sit at my desk.
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best massage chair

Stupid Comfort Massage Chair

Nothing says I love you like a friggen massage chair. Do I need to even say anything else? I mean this is the ultimate gift.
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best kindle

The Amazing Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is a great gift for anyone who loves to read. It's a tablet plus portable library with millions of books available instantly.
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Best Electronic Presents For Men

There you have it, a long list of great electronic gift ideas for your father, husband, mother or wife. Some of these would even work out for the family as a whole so just buy it for yourself. When you buy through my page to Amazon I get a small percentage for referring you so thanks a bunch and glad to help out. I hope someone gets to enjoy a new present from you and thank you for visiting StickyStatic.
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